Hi, I'm Devon! I'm a nursing student scheduled to graduate May 2014.  Recently, I developed a new found love for clean eating and lifting weights/exercising.  Healthy hobbies for a soon-to-be healthcare professional! Along with that comes my passion for animals, specifically dogs.  I have a Great Dane and what we think is a Corgi mix.

This blog will include many things, from healthy living to dogs to crafts & home decor.  It is a Pandora's box (minus all the horrible things!), if you will.

Oakley, my Great Dane, has about 10bs on me (weighing in around 130lbs) but is the biggest baby of a dog! Quiet and timid, he typically lays around the house unless we get him super excited.  He has stranger & separation anxiety and thinks he's a suitable lap dog.
Dabo is quite the opposite.  He weighs around 40lbs and likes to "talk" to us quite a lot to get attention! Licking is his specialty and he absolutely loves all people and dogs. Ironically, he would rather lay beside you than hop in your lap but Oakley will gladly keep your legs warm!

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