Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Little Fitness and Food

Everyone wants to get in the gym and diet like there's no tomorrow, but if you're anything like me, you're all "fit crazy" and motivated for about one month max and then you get bored or burn out on it.
In fact, I just got started back today after going 3 weeks straight previously, which inspired this post :)
I've read many times that a good motivator is to set a goal you want to reach and then treat yourself to a prize of some sort.  So, I thought I would make a printable that allows you to document what workout you did {if any} on a day and if you ate healthy that day.  At the bottom of the page {which has one week on it}, you write in what prize you earned for doing well that week!

You put a checkmark in the box if you worked out and a little description of your workout {i.e. arms and cardio} in the "workout" column.  Then you circle the letters under "clean meals" for each meal that was healthy.  It says "clean meals" because clean eating is a common diet and the one that I'm {trying} to stick to, but it can count for whatever diet you're on!
I actually have this amazing online trainer who gives you a custom workout plan, nutrition guide and fitness advice! Here is her twitter:  @katyhearnFit  Her instagram name is katyhearnfit also.  Check out her instagram to see how much 4 weeks of working with her can do for you!  There's no magic pill or vibrating belly band {who came up with that anyway??} with this girl; she'll give you 100% if you give her 100% :)

As far as clean eating goes, I am NO expert by any means and still trying to figure it out, but I have found that Target has a great selection of foods that are considered clean {that aren't just fresh produce!}
Later on, I'll form a grocery list with the specifics {when I'm more knowledgable} but for now I'll tell you that my understanding of clean eating is that the foods you buy should have a VERY short ingredient list with no crazy chemical names you can't pronounce! 
Don't forget to avoid all fast food, of course and sodas!

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