Sunday, September 8, 2013

Free Printable: Server Pad

Click to get it!
This is my first printable so hopefully I did it right!

I'm a server at a locally owned eclectic restaurant and I haven't been one for very long.

I can honestly say I have a new respect for servers; it's a hard job!

But cute stuff always makes anything better, so how about a cute notepad for taking orders to make the shift more fun?

It is sized to 4 inches by 10 inches so it should fit fine, if not then the margins are just white space so it can definitely be cut to fit in your server book :)

Oh & if you print it "2-up" then you should be able to fit two on a page!

If y'all have any suggestions on it for me, or something else you would like me to make then feel free to comment!

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