Thursday, February 27, 2014

Baby Shower Gift Basket

 This past fall, my friend had her baby boy!  Naturally, a baby shower preceded this happy event :)  I wanted to create something cute, but inexpensive.  Here's how I did it!

The Basket:
Basket {Dollar stores often have these in various colors}
Ribbon {I happened to have the perfect blue color laying around}

Cupcake Onesie Items:
Cupcake Wrappers
String/lanyard string/thin ribbon {To secure the onesie cupcakes}
Cute onesies!
Baby washcloths

The picture to the left shows how to make the
cupcake onesie.  Roll the washcloth into a tight cylinder and place it onto the end of a onesie that has the arms folded in (it's basically folded in on itself in thirds).  Let part of the washcloth hang over the edge of the onesie (this will be the "cherry" on the cupcake).  Tightly roll the washcloth up in the onesie and secure with string or ribbon.  Place it in a cupcake wrapper to complete the look!

They aren't perfect but, aren't they cute?!  I lined them up on top of a box of wipes that was in the bottom of the basket and also included three towels rolled up in the back of the basket.  On Etsy, I found big round stickers with the monthly age of the baby that you can stick on their outfit for their birthday to take pictures!  And to finish, no baby shower gift is complete without a stuffed animal.

To really complete the gift, I'm fortunate enough to be somewhat skilled in photoshop and work at our local UPS Store, so I created a precious little card and printed it on card stock :)

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