Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Home Decor Binder

Today I went out to get some mud to patch up the ceiling in the master bathroom that we recently scraped. Of course, when I go out for one thing, I come home with 10.  So, I wandered around the paint section of Lowe's with thoughts of repainting our entire house in my head.  I picked out quite a few paint swatches to bring home :)

Then I ventured to Target…I really shouldn't be allowed in there.  After fumbling around with my swatches while I tried to compare them with items I liked, I decided I needed to organize all my house decor ideas/colors in one portable book so I can always pull them out when I see something that I think might belong in my house!

Which led me to the home office aisles of Target...which is where I found the cutest navy & gold mini binder and Avery page slips - just the solution I needed. 

 I can't count how many times I've been out just looking around and happened across some appealing decoration or bedding and either passed it by because I wasn't sure if it would match or bought it and had to immediately return it because it DEFINITELY didn't match.

In fact, I bought these pretty bright eggshell blue sheets from Target the other day and {over-eagerly} put them on my bed…only to find that not only did it not harmonize but it was a complete EYE SORE.  Not to mention I did all this right before bed, so you can imagine my disappointment and annoyance when I had to undo and redo my bed all over again! 
Luckily, Target let me return the sheets and I purchased a dark navy version instead, which are now on my bed and so far I love them :)

Having paint swatches of the colors, currently in my house {not shown above} and the colors I plan on putting in certain rooms, with me will ensure I can check for harmony before making a purchase!

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