Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monogrammed Pumpkins for Fall Decor

Fall is on the horizon and Halloween is approaching!

One of my favorite things about this time of year is Halloween craft night with my wonderful friends.

Last year, we did various projects but the one that turned out the best was monogrammed pumpkins!  They were the cutest Halloween decorations I've ever seen :)

All you need to do is pick a perfect pumpkin {say that 3 times fast!}, purchase a small bottle of paint and a bottle of spray paint in the colors of your choice from your local craft store, a round sponge in any size you want, a small paintbrush to do your letter with, and some ribbon to finish it off!

First, I spray painted my pumpkin a creamy white color.  After it dried, I lightly drew my letter in the center of the front of my pumpkin {pencil is a good choice for that!}.

Then I traced the letter in black paint and sponged on orange and black dots.  I tied an orange and white polka dot bow on top and success!  
It really is funny how proud I was of myself :)

Below is mine, up close, before I added the black polka dots to it.  I had to initiate some self control after the black dots and put the paint down before I ruined it!

I actually drew my letter on the pumpkin in pen before I painted it…seemed like a great idea until I remembered that you can't erase pen -_- {note the sneaky pen loop sticking out at the bottom}

I'm sure I'll be sharing some more Fall craftiness with you later this season!

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