Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Essential Items All Nursing Students Should Have

As a nursing student less than 4 months away from graduation, I feel like I can accurately provide you with a list of some great things all nursing students should have throughout nursing school.

Nursing school is unlike any other degree program and requires some school supplies that are not on your ordinary back to school shopping list.  Here is my list of what I have come to find as extremely useful throughout my program!

- Thirty One Organizing Utility Tote:  the best way to carry all your nursing supplies for clinical in my opinion! Plus it has plenty of pockets to separate all your items.

- Daily Planner: one that is large enough for you to write plenty of stuff in for each day because you will be a busy person for sure!  I use a super cute one I ordered from here.

- Lunch Box: you'll be spending a lot of long days either in clinical
or in class and it'll save you a lot of money (and weight gain!) to pack your own lunch instead of going out to eat everyday.

- Water Bottle:  pretty self-explanatory, but drink plenty of water!

- Good Moisturizing Lotion:  you will wash your hands more than you ever thought possible...invest in some quality lotion or you'll suffer from cracked, dry, split hands!

- Keurig:  I'm not kidding...if you like caffeine this will save you time and maybe some money.  You can make coffee or tea with it.
I just got it this semester and wish I had had it all along!

- Airborne:  It's an immunity booster and boy will you need it!  Just imagine all the bacteria and sick people you'll come in contact with.  Coming down with something when you're in the middle of a semester is never easy or fun.

- Micromedex App: quick, easy, accurate information on most medications...a must-have for researching your medications the night before clinical!  Always use the drug guide recommended by your teacher for more detailed information, but this is great for a general overview and getting enough information to know what you're talking about!

If you're a nurse or nursing student and have something else that has been an awesome resource for you, please comment!

*only the first picture of the Thirty One Bag is my own picture.   I do not claim to have any ownership of the other two pictures.


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  2. Thanks for sharing! I'm a new student starting clinicals next month. Any tips on what to have in your clinical bag?

  3. Clinical bag: clipboard, LOTS of pens, some sort of granola bar (for those 10 am munchies), extra hair-ties, pill box with tylenol/midol/antihistamines (nothing is worse than a 12 hour shift with a headache)

  4. Thanks, pinned this on my nursing board :) I'm in Australia. I was like what's Airborne? searched it on ebay- it's expensive! I think my local chemist warehouse stocks something similar though. What is Keurig though??

    1. Keurieg is a coffee machine that uses pods (called k-cups) for individual cups of coffee. I have one and I love it! It makes your cup of coffee fast and you can buy all kinds of different coffees, teas, hot cocoa, etc. Google them and check them out! Well worth the money!

  5. An amazing little machine that brews a cup of coffee or tea super quick! Type it into google. I have one too.

  6. Where did you get the bag? Been trying to find one that has lots of pockets but haven't one.

  7. You get the bag from Thirty-One. Love mine!

  8. Can you post the link to this bag? Ive looked everywhere for this exact one and I can't find it :(


    This is the link. Independent people sell them like Tupperware - the in-home parties but you can order through the website.

  10. Or. thirtyone on amazon. ..

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  12. Can you advise which one of the awesome planners you use from the etsy shop you posted? They all look amazing but I really want to know which one works the best (in your opinion) Thanks!

  13. You may want a few other things in your bag, i.e.: stethoscope and BP cuff of your own, personal items in case of emergency(panties, etc), clinical lab value guide, bandage scissors, bottle of H2O and so on. I've had a Thirtyone bag for over 2 years and I always take it into work with me! It's great!